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  1. There is an 8 & 5 knot speed limit within the harbour. All vessels should travel at such a speed so as not to cause discomfort or danger to others on the water. There are restricted and dedicated areas within the Carrick Roads for wind surfing, sub aqua diving and fast water sport activities. The harbour will be happy to advise
  2. Private or commercial boats within the harbour limits should not play loud music.
  3. No vessel should be operated by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs within the harbour limits.
  4. Vessels should be navigated in the harbour with care and caution especially in the vicinity of swimming and bathing places or in or near small craft moorings. Any event or collision should be reported to the harbour masters office.
  5. Owners and masters of vessels should if required be prepared to furnish the harbour with insurance, voyage and vessel details and other information as may be reasonably be required.
  6. No commercial or private fisherman shall lay lines, nets, pots or floating gear attached in areas that are used as fairways or in a position that is likely to cause obstruction to other harbour users.
  7. The inner harbour is used primarily by commercial traffic and any private vessel wishing to load passengers or lay along side is advised to contact the harbour prior to arrival. There is no anchorage within the inner harbour limits.
  8. No vessel should discharge rubbish, effluent or pollutant of any kind within the harbour limits. Any discharge that is likely to cause environmental damage should be reported to the harbour office.
  9. Any vessel picking up any mooring that has not been registered to that vessel should contact the harbour office to ensure that it is available for use and the mooring is suitable for the vessel.

The By Laws are available for viewing at the harbour office.